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Karimui Roasted Beans (2 x 1Kg Packets)

Karimui_Naturally_Grown__4cabf7faf097e.jpg(2 Packets x 1 Kg - Box)
Sales price K61.31

Karimui Naturally Grown Whole Beans Coffee:
This coffee is carefully selected from our very outlying areas where coffees is grown primitively, harvested and processed with simple environment friendly method and are guaranteed 100% free of inorganic agro-chemical usage.Carefully roasted and packed in very high quality glossy aluminum lined pouches fitted with one-way degassing valves for your enjoyment. Freshly roasted whole beans coffee. 


This coffee is very representative in nature and gives the true sense of purity and freshness. Has a natural composed mellow acidity  and gives a mixture of sweet lemon and pine flavour. Its fresh floral aroma explodes at brew and holds for as long as a cup lasts. 

Roasted Whole Beans.

Can be ground to own specifications.

Units in box: 2

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