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Mt. Wilhelm Roasted Beans (2 x 1Kg Packets )

(2 Packets x 1Kg - Box)
Sales price K64.00

Mt.Wilhelm High Altitude Roasted Whole Beans Coffee:

Our freshly sourced high altitude coffee is offered in 1 kilogram of roasted whole beans packets. The whole beans are perfectly roasted with our state of the art roaster and its quality is perfectly locked in the coffee beans to give our coffee loves the chance to ground it to their liking and enjoy the different level of tastes anytime. 


This coffee gives a destinctive floral and fragrant aroma when brewed. Has very fine clear acidity mouthfeel and smooth finish that lingers a while aftertaste. Easy to identify by its unique "creamy buttered chocolate" like colour at darker roast. Its unique taste makes this cup popular and highly sought by tourists and visitors who have come to visit Mt.Wilhelm. Packed in very high quality glossy aluminum lined pouches fitted with one-way degassing valves for usage. 


Roasted Whole Beans.

Can be ground to own specification.

Units in box: 2

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