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Mt.Wilhelm Ground Coffee (6 x 250g Packets )

(6 Packets x 250g - Box)
Sales price K46.78

Mt. Wilhelm High Altitude Coffee:

Named after Papua New Guinea's highest mountain (4509m), this high altitude organic coffee represents our premium quality grade. This coffee is specially prepared by our highly trained producers for our export markets. We have roasted and packed this coffee to meet the demands of homes, hotels, resturants and offices that demand a very fine quality coffee.


This coffee gives a destinctive floral and fragrant aroma when brewed. Has very fine clear acidity mouthfeel and smooth finish that lingers a while aftertaste. Easy to identify by its unique "creamy buttered chocolate" like colour at darker roast. Its unique taste makes this cup popular and highly sought by tourists and visitors who have come to visit Mt.Wilhelm. Packed in bright green stand-up pouch. 


To suit all types of coffee filter makers.



Units in box: 2

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