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Centrally located in the heart of the highlands of Papua New Guinea and at the highest altitudes of our country (over 1,600m ASL), Simbu Province produces some 7,000 metric tonnes or about 10% of the country’s annual arabica coffee production. Since coffee was introduced to Simbu in the early 1950s, this crop has become the single most important cash crop to the majority of the Simbu people. Almost all major economic and cultural activities in Simbu these days evolve around cash incomes generated from the annual coffee crop. Given the importance of this crop to our people and with our involvements over the years in improving coffee quality, Simbu Province now produces some of the best smallholder coffee in Papua New Guinea.

We carefully select, roast and pack our finest beans to give our customers the experience to discover the unique taste and qualities that make our coffee stand out among other PNG coffees. Our coffees (brands) are named after iconic places in the Simbu Province and offered in both ground and whole roasted beans.



Simbu Regular Coffee is produced from specially selected premium quality smallholder coffee beans from throughout the Simbu Province. We pay special attention to every stage in the preparation of this coffee to ensure that we bring to you the distinct aroma and flavour unique to the Simbu Province. This high quality coffee is suited for drinking any time of the day. We are confident that you will truly enjoy every cup of your Simbu Regular Coffee.


Named after Papua New Guinea’s highest mountain (4,499m ASL) and located in Simbu, our Mt. Wilhelm High Grown Premium Coffee is produced from specially selected high altitude naturally grown coffee beans. Produced by selected and highly trained smallholder farmers at the highest altitudes of Papua New Guinea, this unique coffee is for people who seek the best from nature; chemical-free and pure. Our careful attention to the preparation of this coffee – from the selection of coffee beans to roasting and final sealing of this packet ensures that the fine and natural qualities of this coffee are retained and enhanced for your enjoyment. 



Only accessible by light aircrafts, Karimui District in Simbu Province remains one of the remotest places in Papua New Guinea. The region has very rich and fertile environment and has over the years established a reputation for producing high quality organic certifiable coffee. The coffee in this packet brings to you this unique coffee combined with very special and careful preparations. Detailed attention has been given to the preparation of this coffee from the selection of coffee beans to the final sealing of this packet to create the finest coffee in its class ever to come out of Papua New Guinea.

This coffee product is dedicated to the plight of the bulk of our rural coffee producers throughout Papua New Guinea who are normally denied good prices for their coffee and who endure tremendous hardships to bring their coffee to the markets.



Named after the highest picturesque mountain in the Chuave region of Simbu Province, our Elimbari Specialty Coffee represents the finest and most successful smallholder coffee ever to be produced from Papua New Guinea. This superior quality coffee was developed over a number of years in consultation with reputable international coffee experts and has been successfully marketed overseas as a top class Specialty Coffee. This coffee is sought after by very reputable international specialty coffee roasters and coffee connoisseurs.

The very unique and special quality of this coffee has been achieved through our own involvements with our farmers in the production of this coffee at all stages – from cherry picking to pulping, fermenting, washing, drying, storing, milling, roasting, and the final sealing of this packet. Our Elimbari Specialty Coffee producers are well trained and are about the only coffee producers in Papua New Guinea who have been receiving the highest premium prices for a number of years! We are proud to offer you this very special coffee and are confident that you will enjoy every cup of your Elimbari Specialty Coffee.


We offer our coffee in full cartons only. Our Ground Coffee come comes in cartons of 250g while our Whole Beans come in cartons of 500g and 1kg. We also offer Gift Packs carton comprising of 6 x 6 x 250g assorted packets. Go to our ONLINE STORE now to buy your coffee FRESH and direct from ORIGIN.



We can roast coffee to your own liking and pack in your own packets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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