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Elimbari Ground Coffee ( 6 x 250g Packets )

Elimbari_Special_4cabf23aed637.jpg(6 x Packets - Box)
Sales price K49.06


Elimbari Specialty Ground Coffee:
Selected from our very own high quality raw Elimbari Specialty Coffee Beans, specially roasted and grounded to perfection and packed fresh for your enjoyment. This packet contains 250g coffee.
This coffee is very highly aromatic, sweet floral flavor, has bright clear acidity with very smooth velvety aftertaste. Has well balanced mouth-feel. The taste is very unique to the Chuave area of Simbu Province where it is grown and is highly sought after coffee by Specialty Coffee Roasters in the World. Freshly Roasted and grounded coffee. Packed in bright blue stand-up pouch.
To suit all types of filter coffee makers.

Units in box: 6

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